الهيئة العامة للارصاد الجوية المصرية 

                         Egyptian Meteorological Authority   


                   Welcome To Scientific Research Department




The Scientific Research Department contains three sectors 

1-Atmospheric Physics and Numerical Sector.
this sector contains 3 subsectors.

1-Numerical Weather Predicition

The NWP Group are runing several models operationally  such as Weather Research and Forcast model(WRF) , ETA model, MM5, and Consertium For Small Scale Modeling(COSMO). 


3-Solar Radiation

2-Boundary Layer Sector.

this sector contains 3 subsectors.




it is the branch of science which combine both of Meteorology and Hydrology. Hydrometorology is branch deals with the study of water cycle components precipitation, evaporation and clouds in atmosphere . The role of EMA is to keep track observations and studying these components and introduce its services to other national agencies in Egypt. The main role of EMA in


These components are follows


  1. Rain

    EMA issues daily, seasonal rainfall forecasts.

    EMA issues yearly forecast of Nile Flood to help decision maker to draw the water policy in Egypt.

    EMA operates set of meteorological stations to measure precipitation in the country

    Alot of Researches were done in estimating rainfall in Egypt.

  2. Cloud

    EMA meteorological stations estimate hourly cloud amounts, types and heights.

  3. Evaporation

    Evaporation is water in vapor phase emitted from the surface. Evaporation is considered one important factor in estimating the budget of lake NASER. A set of station in the lack record data that is needed to produce the evaporation from the lake.



3-Air pollution Sector.

  1. Operate 4 (cairo, Alurgada,barany,elfarafra,south vally uni) station to observe the concenntration of co_2 , O3 , so_2, PM10 in the atmosphere.

  2. Operate one sun photometer station that follow the AERONET (AErosol RObotic NETwork) .

  3. Runing MOZART (Model for OZone And Related chemical Tracers) model which is

    a chemistry transport model(CTM). MOZART is running once daily for forecasting

    the concentration of chemical traceser.

  4. RegCM4(Regional Climate Model) is running once per-day for forecasting the concentration of chemical traceser in the middle east and Egypt

  5. Issues weekly report about the concentration of chemical traceser.